Monday, August 2, 2010

We in the USA kid ourselves and bury our heads in the sand.
If we don’t acknowledge anything then it doesn’t exist.
We call ourselves,” The Land of the Free and the Brave” and never stop to realize that each and every day we lose more of our freedoms and we really aren’t brave enough to demand that a radical 13 to 14 percent of our country stop running it in the ground.
We talk of the atrocities committed by despots in other lands and never admit that we, by turning our backs and burying our heads, are doing worse than any dictator in the world has ever done.
The Jewish people claim that Hitler killed some six to seven million people during his reign of terror. Stalin is said to have executed people by the millions and Pol Pot followed them as a mass murderer of his people.
We are currently waging war, against followers Saddam Hussein in Iraq to stop his murderous ways.
When do we stop and realize that we are worse than all these combined!!!
Since the 1972 Roe versus Wade decision by our United States Supreme Court we have sat idly by and allowed some 50,000,000 of our people to be murdered. I say our people but these babies that have been mutilated, tortured and murdered under the guise of “ A woman’s right to her own body”, birth control method, were not our children but GOD’S.
When we allow a law to stand that says it is all right to kill GOD’S children then are we not responsible and answerable to GOD.
We like to call our country, “A Christian Nation”. Who are we deceiving? Ourselves, that’s who.
We can play church and talk of the good things we do in the name of our Lord but until we face reality and stop this wholesale murder of GOD’S children we will never know the full goodness and love of GOD.
Eric Robert Rudolph was on the FBI’s “Most Wanted List” for bombing a “Death Camp”abortion mill in Birmingham, AL . he ultimately paid with his life for this action.This bomb killed an off duty policeman and severely injured a nurse, Emily Lyons. I cannot condone the action of Rudolph but I must ask,
“ Is he anymore guilty of murder than Emily Lyons?” He has killed ,at most, three people but how many has she killed? He broke the law and was a wanted man, yet she by judicial decree, killed within the law and is now an object of pity for injuries suffered. Where is the pity for her victims? Yes! Victims. She at least has her life, such as it is, but the little lambs of GOD she killed have no pity except by the FATHER
Did not the little ones of GOD suffer and die at her hand and those of so many more abortionists across this land? Whose hands is the blood of the innocents on? OUR’S, every person in this land is guilty by association, indifference and our failure to stop this wanton murder.
Through out the history of the world every species has always fought to protect its young. The lowest animal will fight you to the death to protect its young for it knows that only through the young can its kind survive. We in the United States have sunken lower than the basest of animals and all the tyrants of the world.
How do our abortion clinics/ mills differ from the death camp of Auschwitz Germany and others? Ours are legal by judicial decree but theirs were authorized by their governments also. We prosecuted the remnants of the Nazi Regime and charged them with war crimes and crimes against humanity. How do we differ?
We must all pay the price for the murder of GOD’S children. How? GOD only knows the price that he will exact from us.
We have killed a generation of our children, the true children of GOD.
In Matthew 18-10, Jesus said, “Take heed that you despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you, that in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven”. In Matthew 18-14 He said,” Even so it is not the will of your Father which is in heaven that one of these little ones should perish”.
I have seen the anguish and heartache in a family caused by putting a child up for adoption. The entire family has suffered many years not knowing the condition of the child. How in Heavens name then can people deal with the outright murder of a child through abortion? How can we as a people allow this to continue?
In my study of the prophecy of the Bible, I find no indication that the United States is a power in the end times when our Lord returns. Have we at that time already paid the price for our sin in these murders and no longer exist as a nation?
We are taught that in heaven all tears will be wiped away. Are they wiped away after these innocent children of GOD confront their killers? Do these baby killers even get to heaven? It is said that there are no big sins or little sins but all are sin in the sight of GOD. I cannot fathom the infinite love of GOD being shed equally on His children and the murderers of the children. A price will be paid in some way.
There has been speculation over the years how Jesus might have looked.
Some believe that the Shroud of Turin might be a latent image of the visage of Christ.
If you want to really see and know the face of GOD look into the face of a little one and see the love and trust in those little eyes. Do we never expect to see the disbelief in the eyes of those we have allowed to be murdered? The sweet innocence of a child is one of the most precious gifts of GOD, yet we have allowed them to be betrayed and murdered in their innocence.
I will not go into the gory details of describing the deaths of GOD’S children but suffice it to say they perish in a chamber of horrors. If a child would live with mere millimeters more exposure how can it then be anything but murder. The doctors, nurses, family planners and any other devious name they give themselves know this is murder but for the expediency of liberals they push this agenda under all kinds of subterfuge.
Are they anymore guilty in the sight of GOD than we are? We also know this is murder of the innocent children of GOD, yet we allow it.
What is next on the liberal agenda?
Do we next decide that it would be better to eliminate some of the older generation due to the cost of health care to maintain them?
When a society gives in to murder of GOD’S children where does it stop? Does it stop is the big question.
My question is where and how do we stop this infanticide? Do we sit on our hands and await the mighty judgment of GOD?
Think of the slaughter of the innocents as you say your daily prayers and seek GOD’S guidance that we might halt this continuing atrocity.

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  1. A topic that is closed to my heart. I am blessed to be one of the little ones put up for adoption and not aborted. Praise God!