Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Storm after the Monster Tornado

When the monster storm of 27 April 2011 hit Tuscaloosa, Alabama there seemed to be a concerted effort by everyone to aid those who had been devastated.
Our young mayor walked the path of the storm with the president, our senators and all sorts of public officials all promising our people, “You will be made whole”.
The questions then started about how this would be accomplished.
Some way the “do-gooders”, “ tree huggers” the “wouldn’t it be wonderful people” who have great ideas on how to spend other peoples money seemed to have gotten the ear of the mayor.
There started to be talk of parks, greenways, walking trails, bicycle paths, village centers and clusters, multiuse areas and other wonderful ideas on how to heal this awful scar left on our city.
As always there had to be a committee appointed to give study to this wonderful opportunity to restructure and rebuild our city into a wondrous city of the future. One noticeable feature of the committee was that it wasn’t composed of people who had suffered the hurt.
It was an amalgamation of pasture planners of the nth degree. We have a mix of city planners,college professors, architects, and others with great visions of Utopia.
While this committee is pondering the wonderful things that can be accomplished with other peoples property and money there is a moratorium on the issuance of building permits in the path of destruction. People who have operated businesses for fifty years have been told, “We probably wont want your business back in this area.” Today a list of “not wanted “ businesses was published in the paper. It effectively told many business people they cannot rebuild their business on their property.
A rezoning of property is already planned so in effect the city will be able to rezone people out of their property and place “desirable uses” in these areas.
There have been many instances where people haven’t been able to rebuild their property due to new set-backs and other restrictions imposed by our “pasture planners”
While this imposed moratorium has been in effect people have been without homes, businesses are not able to open and provide their owners a livelihood. Property owners are in a state of limbo due to these ever evolving regulations that seem to have no end.
Where is the property to come from to build these pipe dreams of the mayor and his Tuscaloosa Forward Task Force? Is the city going to create additional land to build all these dreams? No, it seems they fully intend to rezone a large part of our population out of their property and then they will decide who and what will be built.
We are seeing an absolute abuse of power by the city and its planners.
What is to become of elderly people who have lived in their homes for half a century and can barely rebuild with the reduced insurance proceeds they have collected. They will be unable to make these funds meet all the proposed changes in the building codes now being enforced. They don’t have enough property to meet the setback and other requirements. Their government isn’t serving them.
When this city or any government agency enacts such wide ranging rules and regulations regarding private property and individual rights and freedoms we are seeing Marxism beginning to show its ugly head.
The citizens of Tuscaloosa are being denied the rights and privileges guaranteed by the Bill of Rights and our much abused United States Constitution
The tornado put hurt on our citizens but the city is doing all within its power to extend this hurt adinfinitum.
The storm clouds gather over the Druid City once again.When will people say enough?