Saturday, May 7, 2011

In Times Like These!

In times like these you need a Savior!
The Savior comes to you in many ways
A day to save your soul,
A day to heal your wounds.
When the storms of life and the hurt it sometimes bring, He is always there.
He sometimes sends your fellow man to do His bidding.
In the past week Tuscaloosa, Alabama has known that Love.
When the storm of a lifetime went through the heart of our city on 27 April 2011 the Savior appeared in many forms.
Young college students, stunned by the days hurt and misery were some of the first responders, helping to dig our people out of the debris left by an EF-4 tornado.
Our local officials, our young mayor, ambulance service, our hospital, law enforcement all came to meet the challenge.
Then came a veritable sea of love from everywhere.
Volunteers came in all shapes and sizes to assist us in our efforts to overcome the damage.
I personally was privileged to work with a group of God’s people from Scott’s Hill Baptist Church of Wilmington, North Carolina and Mud Creek Baptist Church of Hendersonville, North Carolina. They came at their own expense to give aid where needed. We can never thank them enough for their tireless efforts in our city. This group received support from Circlewood Baptist Church and Taylorville Baptist Church. Many local people who opened their homes to them so they could bathe and refresh themselves at the end of the day also assisted them.
Local churches of all faith have come forward to help in this recovery effort.
Volunteers from Samaritans Purse, Texas Baptist Association,
Red Cross, Salvation Army, college students, many local businesses paid their employees to come to the stricken areas to give their help. Local businesses sent their machinery and employees. Rental companies sent machinery.
Neighbors helping neighbors across the city has been a sight to see.
When I looked into the faces of all these people involved in the recovery effort I truly know that I have seen the work of my Savior.
Pray for us as we continue trying to put our city and lives together again.
Yes, in times like these you do need a Savior and he is always there for you.