Friday, August 13, 2010

Brain Damaged

It has become increasingly apparent that a large segment of our population has suffered great brain damage. They aren't able to hear very well so they travel in vehicles with the volume on their sound equipment turned up to the max. If you attempt to speak them they can only respond with , "Huh" due to their hearing loss. They are also severely impaired when it come to being able to properly dress themselves.

They don't have the ability to pull their pants up to their waist, therefore everyone is exposed to their buttocks from the rear while their genitals hang over the front. In a vain attempt to maintain some semblance of decency they must use one had to grasp their genitals and the front of their pants. This will of course problem if and when they should ever be required to seek employment. There aren't a lot of jobs for one-handed people. In an effort to compensate for this inability to bring their trousers up to the proper level they are forced to wear extra long shirts. They also must in some cases wear pants that have been cut short.

Mosquito's love this attire.

The government in a great humanitarian gesture makes all effort to support these people with all the luxories of life

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