Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Was his name. There was a VHS children’s tape that my GRANDS played until they wore it out. It had a catchy little song about a dog called, “Bingo was his name”.
We now find ourselves bound and tied to the struggle to legalize electronic bingo in the State of Alabama.
It consumed almost all the past legislative session.
Threats of bodily harm were made against members of the legislature. This governmental body has been named one of the worse in the nation, so it was no surprise that again nothing was accomplished in the session.
We now are nearing an election that has been tainted by this push to legalize electronic gambling in the State. The governor’s race and many others are being influenced by this gambling campaign. One candidate has based his platform on legalizing gambling. He wants to,” do it for the children”. I have heard this excuse used by politicians for passing poor legislation until it makes me sick.
Many years ago we had a situation in this state where people lost their lives, all sorts of illegal operations were conducted to the national disgrace of this state. It took the National Guard, with police powers, to clean up the mess in Phenix City, Alabama. (Bingo!) Are we now going to legalize this activity and spread it across the state?
We now have the federal government involved, senators and others arrested on federal warrants charging vote buying, bribery and other charges. (Bingo!)
Is this the only way Alabama can pay for education? Must we expose our children to even more corruption than they already face?
The educational system is already the largest recipient of state funds. Monies are poured into the system with little or no accountability. (Bingo!) Not enough trickles down to the class room level. (Bingo!)
Parents and yes, teachers must furnish most if not all supplies used by the students. Why should a child be given a supply list that includes a case of toilet tissue and cleaning supplies?
This is happening because the central offices are overstaffed with people who have tenure and the school boards really don’t need them anymore, but can’t fire them. (Bingo!) Many times they are in jobs created for them when they failed to perform in classrooms and principal offices. (Bingo!)The salaries paid to each of these excess people would probably pay the salary of three classroom teachers. (Bingo!) I learned as a small child that in order to stop leakage and waste you must put a plug into it.. The waste in education must be stopped and let money get into the classrooms. (Bingo!)
If you look at the total amount of money being spent by education you will find that with good management we could probably fund a college education for every child that desires a higher education. ( Bingo!)
I hear people say, “But look at the jobs that have been lost by closing down the casino’s”. Think of it this way. If you legalize prostitution, bootlegging, no speed limits, casino’s and all things that are now controlled by law then a lot more people would be employed. What price are we prepared to pay for education and full employment.? The revelations of wrongdoing made thus far are probably only the “tip of the iceberg”.Gambling is the Game but Bingo is the name. Bingo!?

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